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Wifi Router Faraday Cage (10 inch by 10 inch)

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The Vybe Faraday cage is lined with a thin layer of 250-micron Copper mesh fabric, encased in a designer fabric with an elastic band to securely fasten your router cords. The Faraday cage is specifically designed to neutralize EMF emitted from your electronic devices. 

As you can see in our photos, the EMF from our router (measured in RF) was off the charts in the "red", once we placed the Vybe Faraday Cage on the router, it eliminates all the EMF & restores a safe frequency to your natural environment. 

Neutralizing EMF does not mean eliminating your wifi signal! The Copper mesh may reduce the range on your wifi signal, only by about 10 feet. Faraday cages make hacking your router or wifi signal nearly impossible. Hackers have a much more difficult time acquiring signal from a device that is protected by a Faraday cage. 

Enjoy the benefits of WiFi & your favorite electric devices, movies, or games without the frantic release of EMF into your home. 

EMF's have been proven to damage DNA 🧬 & your cells. Long-term exposure to low-level EMF (which your router produces) can lead to health issues. That is why it's important to invest in the basic protection against EMF for you & your family!