Vybe EMF blocking energy pendant 10 Pack

Vybe EMF blocking energy pendant 10 Pack

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Our Energy Pendants are lab tested for safety & proven to block out Electro-magnetic frequencies. We recommend wearing this pendant during the day and taking it off at night. The minerals in the pendant are blended with lava stone to neutralize EMF waves and ground to your energetic frequency. 

Try not to let other people wear or touch your pendant. You can clean your pendant by running it under a fresh water source and leaving it out in the sun for 15-20 minutes. We recommend washing the pendant in fresh mountain, spring, or ocean water to recharge the negative ions. 

The minerals combine to create a negative ion charge which counteracts positive ions emitted by wireless technology and electronic usage. 


keep it green


Our fabrics are 100% organic bamboo, hemp & cotton sourced from New York & Distributed from Michigan.


Our organic fabrics avoid chemicals that absorb into your skin when you sweat or after you wash your clothes.


Our mission with the VYBE movement is to unite humanity while giving back to Mother Earth. Every item we sell our team will plant 1 tree in the Amazon Rainforest.


VYBE is partnered with Oxygen Seven, a non-profit global reforestation initiative to plant 1 Million trees in the Amazon & 1 Million trees in Australia by 2021.