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LIBRA 100% Organic Handmade Wellness Kit | ASTRO VYBES

  • $59.00
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Astrology has been used by humanity for thousands of years as a tool to better understand who we are & why we are here. Understanding our Zodiac sign is like understanding a language. The more we know about ourselves, the more we are able to thrive. Astrology is a language that helps us better understand how to unlock our full potential in life.  

Astro Vybes is the first-ever wellness kit designed to specifically enhance your individual Astrological sign. We sourced Organic ingredients tailored specifically to each Zodiac. Just like a birth stone, your Zodiac has specific scents that can calm your nervous system and balance aspects of your personality. 

Libra's are known for being very social, great listeners & fair. It is easy for a Libra to be too hard on themselves & it can be difficult to decompress after listening to people. That's why Orange Blossom is particularly beneficial to a Libra. Orange Blossom is a blend of floral tones & citrus elements that help lower stress levels and trigger higher faculties within a Libra. We designed this scent to help a Libra let go of difficult conversations by triggering relaxation. 

Certain scents immediately shift your vibration. That is why we handmade Astro Vybes to give you premium quality ingredients & a once in a lifetime experience!


12oz Shampoo & Conditioner bottles