Good Luck Garnet and Labradorite Choker

Good Luck Garnet and Labradorite Choker

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41 piece tumbled Garnet Choker with 18 Faceted Labradorite Rondelle gems and 1 Faceted Pear-Shaped Labradorite gem center piece fastened with a 14k gold clasp. Independently beautiful and also stunning layered with the Waterfall necklace.

Garnet passionately helps rebalance and energize the body's energy centers. Deeply spiritual Garnet is worn as a talisman for good luck, manifestation, self-empowerment, and protection. 

Labradorite is known for protection while change and transformation is underway and helps stimulate the Throat Chakra. In addition, wear Labradorite to enhance intuition, inner strength and will power.


Length: 16 inches


ships within 48 hours


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