Divine Spark Swarovski and Moonstone Necklace

Divine Spark Swarovski and Moonstone Necklace

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60 finely faceted moonstone rondelles, 32 opal bicone Swarovskis, and 1 faceted mini pear-shaped moonstone fastened with a 14k gold clasp. This peace adds a a touch of sparkle and a lot of love 

The moon embodies feminine or "yin" energy..The opalescent moonstone is a natural crystal mineral with the divine feminine energy of the moon..This stone only enhances energy and promotes healing, balance and strengthens your intuition.

Moonstone is used in meditation to help connect oneself to their true nature, their intuition and to protect those who travel on or by water. Working with the Sacral, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras, Moonstone connects us to Divine Inspiration, and channels it into our own intuition. Moonstone encourages introspection and judgment, yielding to easier decision making.


Handmade by Angel


Length: 32 inches


Ships within 48 hours


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