Shungite beaded bracelet
Shungite beaded bracelet
Shungite beaded bracelet
Shungite beaded bracelet
Shungite beaded bracelet
Shungite beaded bracelet

Shungite beaded bracelet

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Shungite deposits exist in only one place on the entire planet; a small province in Russia called Karelia is the sole source of Shungite which is known as "the miracle stone."

This beaded Shungite bracelet is designed to be worn at all times to protect yourself from harmful effects of EMF. This is the perfect bracelet to neutralize the cell phone radiation on your handheld device. Our measurements show a drastic decrease in harmful EMF. This is made possible by a substance within Shungite called Fullerenes. 

Sir Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley won a Nobel Prize in 1996 for their discovery of fullerenes. Fullerenes are hollow pentagonal molecular carbon cages embedded within Shungite. The stone's special and unique structure makes it possible to neutralize the EMFs. 

The molecular structure of Shungite not only blocks EMF radiation from electronic devices or cell phone towers, Shungite can purify water as well. 

Shungite cannot corrode. Place your Shungite in a large jar of water and let it sit in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour to help remove harmful chemicals from your water supply! 

There are three types of Shungite based on carbon content: Elite Shungite (90 percent carbon), Black Shungite (50-70 percent carbon) and Gray Shungite (30-50 percent carbon). All of our Shungite is high grade Black Shungite & Elite Shungite mined in Russia and shipped from the United States. 

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