The sun enters Leo

As we approach the new moon on July 31st, the sun enters Leo on the 22nd.


If you’ve had a pretty rough retrograde, have no worries. Mercury will be stationing direct during this new moon in Leo(finally). You may notice a lot of energy during this season, and that’s because Mars, Venus, and the Sun are all in Leo; however use this time to reset your batteries, balance everything out, especially if you’ve had a rough retrograde.

As we head into August, try to look at things in a different perspective. Hopefully while Mercury was in retrograde you found a way to say what you need to say and what to say. With all this energy flowing it can be easy to be a little louder, bolder, and tenacious, but also realize when it’s not appropriate to speak up. Make sure you are doing your best to communicate in the most authentic way possible. As Mercury is stationed direct, use this time to soul search, check in with who you are, and what your NEEDS are. Learn to express yourself, so that you are able to help others and others will be able to help you better.


Focus on what makes you happy, because Jupiter is stationed direct and is starting to move forward. As Jupiter retrogrades during this Leo season, opportunities will start coming to fruition in specific areas in your life. You will notice more doors opening where you will have the time and space to enjoy yourself, become more creative, have more things, and enjoy more time with family and friends. Figure out what you want to accomplish and stay on track, you will find this season very rewarding as long as you use this energy to sharpen your tools and expand your skills and talents.

You may find yourself wanting to be the center of attention, and its perfectly fine to seek validation, but go into this time of your life with a new perspective, focus on what is important. Strive to have integrity and authenticity in everything you do and you will have a more rewarding season.

john ecaldreSun, leo, moon