How to manifest abundance during the Strawberry Moon | JUNE 17th 2019


According to NASA, July 17th at 4:31am EDT the Strawberry Moon which appears from Saturday through Tuesday. The name comes from the short period of time that Native Americans had to harvest strawberries in Northern America. Other names for the Moon are the Mead Moon, Honey Moon, and Rose Moon. The “Honey Moon” refers to the sweetest time of the year. Since it coincides with the Summer Solstice, it is the time of the year that honey is typically harvested. Not only does the name of the moon represent sweetness, it has a very powerful energy that affects the planet.

As we enter the Summer Solstice, the Moon shines through the most atmosphere which gives the moon a reddish hue. You may be feeling your psychic powers and intuition sharpen this week as we head into the Moon. As we change seasons and begin harvesting, the same happens with our manifesting powers. The Spring & Winter seasons bring about a lot of work and effort. Sometimes we can feel that our work is taking a lot of time to manifest. The Strawberry Moon is energetically charging your manifestation powers.

Now more than ever it is important to stay in the present moment. There will be powerful opportunities to harvest new “sweet” energy all around you if you are open to receiving. Your hard work will pay off in ways that you least expect. There will be clear signs in front of you guiding you to profitable endeavors, fruitful relationships, and satisfying clarity.

What to look for: Image of the 2016 Strawberry Moon

What to look for: Image of the 2016 Strawberry Moon

The more you know yourself in this time period, the more you can manifest this week. The energy you cultivate this week will last a lifetime so it is vital to capitalize. Knowing your numerology chart is crucial. With your life path number and soul urge number you can better understand the learning lessons that the Strawberry Moon holds for you. Some of us need to work on relationships and some of us are working on career goals. Based on your chart you can find out exactly what is in store for you during this 2019 Summer Solstice.

Have you ever wondered why June & July have so many weddings? This is the time of year that sweetness is harvested so our relationships become very fruitful. Now is the time to consciously pick your intentions.

  1. Remove clutter and noise from your environment. Clean your room, let go of as much unnecessary physical baggage as possible. If you don’t NEED something, get rid of it, recycle it, or put it up for sale. This energy can now flow into your life in more abundant and resourceful ways.

  2. Reevaluate your relationships. Who are the people that promote your growth? Who are the people that take your growth away? Make a conscious intention to spend more time with your Tribe than people who distract you. Maybe you have your eye on a partner who is really beneficial to you; now is the time to approach them or spend more time together.  

  3. Change is the goal! The winds of change are in the air right now. Whatever you want to change whether it be a bad habit, saving money, creating a business, leaving a bad relationship, creating a game plan to leave a dead end job, whatever the change, know that the energy of the universe is in your favor.

This is the best time of the year to supercharge your energy with abundance. Follow these steps and make sure to take your free numerology report for maximum clarity & results! Now more than ever in history we have access to incredible spiritual guidance at the touch of our fingertips.