The most expensive thing you can own...

Oprah Winfrey once said that the most expensive thing we can own is a closed mind.

Over the past 5 years the fields of human psychology and neuroscience have exploded. So many of our old beliefs are being exposed due to discoveries in these fields.

In 2018 we discovered a LOT in the field of neuroscience. Here are just a couple:

  1. A team in Norway discovered that cells in our brain assist us in keeping a detailed timeline of events within our memories. This revealed how our brains make sense of time and encodes these memories within our cells!

  2. The “Real You” is not real. Studies show that humans will use memories that best suit the narrative they wish to have about themselves instead of using our memories to understand the actual human being we are. Many times we are lying to ourselves about who we really are.

  3. We now know that people who procrastinate have larger amygdala’s which are responsible for our fight or flight reactions. The amygdala controls that inner voice in our head worrying about what to do or how to do it.

There is much to be discovered about the brain but the glimpses of incredible research we are seeing is shedding light to how powerful we are as human beings on a scale we have never seen before.

With all this incredible knowledge, wild innovations in technology, and incredible examples of people shattering the limits of society, we still tend to think pretty small across the board. Limiting thoughts are one of the worst diseases we can have.

Dr. George Land has already shown us through his creativity test he developed at NASA, that 98% of kids are born with a genius level of creativity. So all of us, no matter your skin color, age, gender, or geographical location, are born open minded. We dream up wild fantasies and we don’t think about how it will happen. Instead, we allow our imagination to build beautiful images and we have fun operating in these higher levels of consciousness.

So what happens? Well we have teachers, parents, and communities that have lost their imagination and systematically prepare kids to become more “realistic.” Dr. Land discovered that the same 5 year olds he studied who had a 98% level of genius creativity plummeted to a 12% genius level by the age of 15. Once we are 30+ our creativity levels in society is little to none. You see people spending their time arguing over politics or wasting time on drama and negativity instead of building wacky ideas in their mind and meshing their dream worlds within reality to create positive impact.

Neuroscience uses advanced western practices to help us understand the philosophies of our ancient ancestors.

Neuroscience uses advanced western practices to help us understand the philosophies of our ancient ancestors.

When we close our eyes at night we enter into the dream world but what’s to say that the dream world isn’t real? In fact, the dream world is heavily influenced by our physical reality. The more we enter into our imagination, the less limits there are. You can be, do, and have ANYTHING you want in your imagination. You can be rich, travel, and achieve your dreams in your mind.

You are limitless in your own mind!

It is really hard sometimes to get people to understand why imagination is important. Especially when their imagination is dead. The easiest way to tell if someone’s imagination is dead or broken is to share a wild idea you have and if they wonder how it will happen or question how realistic it is, then you know there is an issue. People with open minds and vibrant imaginations go with an idea, they explore it and find out its beautiful intricacies before coming back down to reality to assess the next steps. People with closed minds hear an idea but instantly assess if the idea is feasible or comfortable. If the idea is uncomfortable, their mind instantly goes to work preparing a safer route and discouraging that idea from changing their paradigm and environment.

A broken imagination is dangerous. A world full of broken imaginations is inevitably on a path to destruction. If we want to pass on a beautiful world for our kids to inherit, then we have to help the next generation expand their minds. We must throw out as many fixed beliefs and concepts about the world and how we interact with it and explore new ideas that make us a bit uncomfortable.

All of us should seek to constantly improve our imagination. One of the best ways to improve your imagination is to put it into motion! Close your eyes before bed or during the day, make yourself comfortable, and start to build visions in your mind of the life you want to live WITHOUT ANY FINANCIAL OR PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. Our wildest dreams are nothing to the universe. The universe is so expansive that we have no idea what is out there. Why would our dreams be any different? It’s great to build new ideas all the time. Having fixed dreams is great but they begin to remove yourself from your infinite potential! Take a step out of your body and imagine infinite worlds and realities, treat your mind as a playground.

Instead of going to bed stressed from your day, try going to bed imagining your dreams being fulfilled and take that reality with you all the way until you are unconscious in the dream realms! Trust me, the magic in the daytime will manifest in ways you could have never imagined. 


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