How to survive & thrive during Mercury retrograde!

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde July 2019!

NASA image of the surface of Mercury

NASA image of the surface of Mercury

Mercury Retrograde is a time that Mercury, as viewed from Earth, appears to go backwards in its orbit. Since Mercury represents communication, this is why we are urged to be cautious of our emotions when we communicate in our relationships. Mercury retrograde can happen 3 to 4 times per year and the effects can last up to 8 weeks. Some people warn against signing contracts, traveling, or marriage but we’ve found that to be a bit on the skeptical side of the magic that rests within Mercury retrograde. Although our communications will be tested, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is a great time to develop structures in your relationships that will honor each other & develop a resilient positive attitude. Even when it seems like you are climbing a mountain or swimming against the current, this is a great time to create structure instead of letting your relationships wander apart. 

This 8 week period is a great time to revisit tasks you have pushed off or left incomplete. Stay calm in this time and don’t panic. Instead of trying to take massive action and accomplish goal achieving tasks, slow down for a moment and tie up loose ends. Try to create a list of any tasks that you have been putting off. Since the energy during this time can cause illusions, it is best to complete the things you have started that you know are valuable. 

If you want to go the extra mile, set aside time to develop new skills and possibly create some art. Many people talk about their desires of creating art and they seem to push it off because they are too busy. Now is the month to dedicate your energy to bettering yourself instead of focusing any energy on negativity. Resist the urge! You will undoubtedly be tested every day. If someone is late to a meeting, missing your calls, or not giving you their devoted energy, this can lead to frustration. It is vital to stay positive and do your best to understand others. This will go a long way instead of trying to fight or force your energy on others. 

NASA image of Mercury

NASA image of Mercury

We all have a shadow side. You may see your old habits or darker side try to emerge. This retrograde is in LEO so it will heavily influence those in power or seats of authority. Pay close attention to how you interact with positions of higher authority. If they seem more demanding, don’t take it personally. Same goes if you are in a position of power. Be conscious of not being overbearing and stealing the energy from those around you. Lift people up even when you feel tired or melancholic. 

A LEO retrograde can be heavily felt in the pre-shadow phase which we have already passed. We are now in the retrograde phase which is known for revealing a failure of attention to detail and can show us areas that we may have been ignoring. The post-shadow phase tends to bring us clarity to our errors in communication. This is a great time to learn from the retrograde and move forward. 

Remember! The retrograde affects each of us differently based on our sign. That’s why we recommend taking a free numerology report to better understand your energy and how it will be personally affected during this time!  

Here are the times that you need to pay attention to: 

Mercury goes Retrograde in Leo (4o 28") on July 7, 2019 at 11:14 pm Universal Time, 7:14 pm EDT and 4:14 pm PDT.

The Direct Station occurs in Cancer (23o 57") on August 1, 2019 at 3:58 am Universal Time, and on July 31, 11:58 pm EDT and 7:58 pm PDT.

Mercury ends the Post-Shadow on August 15, 2019 at 7:53 am Universal Time, 3:53 am EDT, 12:53 am PDT.

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