How to Turn Instagram into a Source of Positivity

How can we control our thoughts? Why does my mind race with thoughts when I try to meditate? Why am I so anxious? How do I eliminate anxiety? How do I overcome depression?

image by @mr.kolapsia

image by @mr.kolapsia

These are questions we get asked hundreds of times on a daily basis. We have seen scary jumps in the use of pharmaceuticals to deal with our mental health issues and a massive increase in our consumption of social media. The average person is spending nearly 2 hours per day on their Instagram platform. We all know that our thoughts attract our reality. What we put in our mind & the images we build in our head, ultimately materialize in the outside world. If we want to change our reality we have to first begin with our thinking. Confusing results, anger, frustration, doubt, depression & anxiety are all symptoms of a confused thought process. Your thoughts are not pure which then manifest in impure forms in your physical reality. The only way to gain clarity is to purge the negativity in our lives.

“What we put in our mind & the images we build in our head, ultimately materialize in the outside world.”

At our current rate of social media consumption, a very fair estimate of 1 hour on Instagram per day for 50 years equals a staggering 18,250 hours on the platform. This means 760 days, or 2 FULL YEARS of our lives, will be spent scrolling on our phones. Again, this is a very modest estimate. Our thoughts are controlled by what we expose our subconscious mind to. If we are constantly exposed to other ways of thinking, then there is no room for us to know our true selves. We will always have the inner chatter controlling our actions. Our purest form is free from thought. Our purest form controls thought. Our impure form allows thought to control us. We stress so much about governments or technology controlling our thoughts but we forget that at any moment we have the power to unplug our conscious attention from society and develop our own inner voice. That is the journey we all must travel to become free to our core. That is the journey Vybe Source aims to help you travel.

There are infinite ways to purge negativity from our lives but let’s begin with an essential platform that nearly all of us consume: Instagram. One of my best friends recently launched her own book called Manifest Now. Her name is Idil Ahmed. She inspires me for many reasons beyond her incredible upbringing from East Africa to growing a viral community on Twitter & Facebook including famous rappers & models from around the globe. Her positivity is felt all over the world yet you may have never heard her name. Her Instagram account @idillionaire follows no one but her own pages. When I asked her about this she simply said that her methods were not for ego or to hurt any feelings, but to create mental health within herself so she could create pure content for millions of people to receive. As the curious individual I am, I decided to try this myself. For the entire month my clarity was compounded day by day. My energy increased and I became hyper sensitive to what I was speaking into existence; it was a month full of beautiful interactions and attractions.

Instead of explaining my wins from this experience, I want to share a new method I have discovered that can create a beautiful space for mental health. Not only that, but this simple method can do so in a way that doesn’t offend your current friends, family, or business associates. Unfollowing everyone can create some tension if done incorrectly. If you want to continue to follow people on Instagram, you can actually mute them from your feed. Attached are a few images that show how to do so. You simply visit the user’s profile, select the dropdown menu, and mute their feed. Anyone who is opinionated, negative, or causes you to think negatively or from a space of judgment, you need to mute them from your feed to experience the maximum benefits. Once you mute these pages, you can unclutter your feed so that only the positive pages like Vybe Source remain! If we want a life of positivity, we have to fill our minds with positive things to think about. If we don’t have anything positive to think, then don’t think it at all.. This is an ability that must be developed. The only real way to develop this mentality is to shut out the forces of negativity in your life no matter if they are on social media or in your physical environment.

“If we want a life of positivity, we have to fill our minds with positive things to think about.”

Awake in the digital world.. Photo by @mr.kolapsia

Awake in the digital world.. Photo by @mr.kolapsia

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As you change your thoughts, your material universe changes. If we pay attention to our current results to dictate our future way of thinking, we have already failed. Our desired life must be conceived in the imagination. We must go inside to build our dream life. The moment we accept limitations in the outside world or conform to what others think we should be, we lose. In order to win in life we have to play by our own rules. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of positive messages & people out there but we have to unclutter our current rate of consumption to find them. Positive messages get lost in seas of negativity if you aren’t careful. Eliminating negative Instagram feeds or opinionated sources of information is a shortcut to a happy life.

This is something that can be done immediately! Don’t wait to do this. Set aside time right now to open Instagram and unclutter your content. You don’t have to make a statement to your friends or look like a mean person. You simply mute the content from these people. This shows that you still support them, but they have no idea that you don’t follow what they are saying or what they are doing. Now you have full control of your life on Instagram. When you are bored or need to unplug from work, you can come home to a wonderfully curated feed of positivity, peace, & love. If you desire those qualities in real life, you must create them in your digital space. Momentum from these decisions can spark a lifetime of change. Never underestimate the simple updates to your current way of life!