How to Forgive Yourself & Receive Abundance

“True forgiveness of the self is allowing your self to be FREE.”

Hot Air Balloon festival in Turkey

Hot Air Balloon festival in Turkey

A regret is like a rope attached to a hot air balloon. There is no way you can enjoy a beautiful journey in life if you are tied down to the ground. In order to set sail on a quest worthy of changing the world, we must detach ourselves from the ground. Imagine souring through the clouds, seeing perspectives of life that leave you humbled by the creative power of the universe. Imagine seeing new lands that no one has ever seen, enjoying foods from every corner of the earth and experiences of a lifetime in foreign cultures. Now imagine if you were quickly pulled back to where you started. Would you cut that rope holding you down to get back to the beauty? Or would you sulk in your current position and accept being stuck to the ground as your new reality?


Any sane person would set sail again! My point is that most of us remain stuck, attached to the ground, because we haven’t been to the beautiful destinations that lay ahead. We are overcome with sadness, pain, regrets, anger, jealousy, doubt or fear. We look everywhere for answers that will give us the “keys to life” but we forget they are within all along. The only thing keeping you from experiencing all of your dreams and attracting limitless abundance of finances and happiness is yourself. As soon as you begin to build the image in your mind you are setting sail. But as soon as you doubt that image the rope yanks you back down to reality. Change is so close to us. It’s in the palm of our hands. How do we forgive ourselves?—The only way is to move on. The only way to set sail on a new journey is to LET GO. The captain of the Hot Air Balloon controls when the rope is detached, not the ground.

Letting go is the scariest thing we can do. How do we let go from the comfort of the rope when we don’t know where we will go? What dangers are out there? Will I ever find what I’m looking for? This place I call home has become comfortable; why would I change that? As soon as we let go, we begin to question ourselves. Doubt and fear are natural thinking patterns in our evolution as human beings. Think of all the things that fear has helped us overcome. Back when we were much lower on the food chain fear kept us alive. Fear helped us create a surplus of resources to keep us safe in the changing seasons. Fear can be a motivator to protect ourselves or a motivator to stay on the more predictable, “safe” side of life. Fear can also cripple our ambition and breed a life of conformity; fear is a natural process but we should continuously challenge it. Areas of our lives that we fear are a green light from the Universe. They are opportunities that illuminate the path in front of us. At the snap of a finger we decide to confront that fear or run from it. Sadly, well over 90% of the population is running from their fears. Next time you doubt yourself or fear where you are headed after making a bold decision, know that those feelings are God’s green light to an illuminated path of discovery.

“Fear is a natural process but we should continuously challenge it.”


So how do I forgive myself?—The question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. How do I let go of my mistakes, my regrets, and my disappointments? Commit to a process that involves building a new habit. The answer to letting go once and for all of your past, your anxiety, or your fears is to commit to a process that involves building a new habit. Thinking about the past keeps us connected to the past and manifests the same results in our future. In order to let go of that connection to our past we need to fill our existence with new habits. Fill your schedule with new habits. Wake up earlier, meditate every day, go for a hike, create a workout routine, eliminate sugar, eat healthier, mute your followers on social media, etc. These are just a few examples of healthy practices that can fill your schedule. Don’t get this confused with suppression. Suppressing your feelings can lead to more problems. These are new forms of expression. Healthy habits are created when we express ourselves beyond our previous limitations. Find areas that are limiting your potential and build a habit that makes those old habits obsolete. Buckminster Fuller famously stated it, “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

                  If we plant vegetables next to a poisonous plant and water them the same, they will both grow. One brings us life and the other kills us. The same thing can be said about our thoughts. If you want to forgive yourself, you have to stop watering the bad thoughts and begin watering newer and better thoughts. Once you begin to only water the positive thoughts, the negative ones die off. There is no room for them in your life. That means the only way to forgive yourself is to build new habits. Commit to a process that involves building a new habit.





Spencer Taylor