If you want to become extremely valuable, read this.. 

True value is investing in yourself. To spot a valuable person in society is to find someone who has invested mass amounts of time into themselves. Your value is 100% determined on how much time you put into yourself. This is why we feel drained in corporate environments. Corporations are designed to take your energy for their personal benefits (even if those benefits are good.) All of us are designed to be free. Our spiritual DNA is perfect. When we die we are completely free to move on to another chapter completely detached from humanity. Some people call these different dimensions, some call this heaven or the afterlife; whatever you identify, freedom is waiting for us.

If we realize we are free, then we have to ask ourselves: “Am I truly free?”

True freedom is expressed through the time we invest in ourselves. 


Why is it important to be Valuable? Make no mistake, people can feel your value before they even meet you. If you want to impress a future partner, secure an exciting business deal, or impact more people then you need to increase your value. All of us have room to grow. The people or mindset that believes “I have it figured out” has completely shut off the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Let’s talk about time management. This seams to be a question we get all the time. “How can I manage my time better?” The truth is we can’t manage time, all we can do is be efficient with the time we have. Waste is something we have to minimize & strive to eliminate. Wasting time is something our world is really struggling with right now. So many people are scrolling through Instagram with their subconscious wide open unconsciously absorbing the energy from people they follow. Individuals that prioritize their education and learning waste no time. They get their work done, study everyday, workout or move, and rest. If you listen to some of the wealthiest people in the world they say that very little of their time goes to entertainment. They are interested in absorbing more knowledge. 

The beauty of our world is that we now can learn and grow our skills in entertaining ways. We have the internet. We don’t HAVE to go to school to learn like you had to 100 years ago. We can pull a device out of our pockets and access almost infinite amounts of information. The internet has revolutionized education. Adding value to our own lives has become easier than ever. One of the best ways is to eliminate certain things from your consumption patterns like we wrote about earlier. The other method is to fall in love with a topic that fascinates us and study it! Make sure what you are studying adds value to other people’s lives. I’ve seen too many friends dive into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories to emerge paranoid from the outside world. I’m talking about finding a subject that has the ability to heal the world. 

If you have a cell phone, think of the power it has brought to your life…

If you have a cell phone, think of the power it has brought to your life…

If you want to be valuable you have to eliminate guilt. Replace guilt with healthy productive habits. Find time throughout the day to read books in between meetings or listen to audios. You can download ebooks and listen to them in your car or by the pool during lunch. It is far better to fill your mind with important knowledge than to do nothing but watch TV. Be mindful of the content you consume! 

Too often people feel guilty taking time away from work to invest in themselves. If they don’t feel guilty they feel “busy.” We are never too busy to grow our values and skills and if we are, we are surely masking something. Hiding from our true potential will never add the value we need to advance in life. If we want to grow, we have to let go. Let go of the things that don’t bring you value & step into your higher self! 

“If we want to grow, we have to let go.”