3 Keys to Purifying Your Energy

1.         The music you listen to

2.         The content you consume

3.         The people you surround yourself with

A crowd at a Tony Robbins seminar.

A crowd at a Tony Robbins seminar.

One of our recent articles we discussed eliminating the negative clutter on Instagram. I highly suggest reading that to get some momentum going in your social media consumption habits. Seeing as how we spend nearly 2 years of our lives on Instagram over the course of 50 years of consumption, it can play a vital role in the mental programming of your subconscious mind over the course of a lifetime. The same principle applies to all areas of our life. The music we listen to, the friends we surround ourselves with, the roommates we live with, the movies we watch, the podcasts we listen to all have a profound impact on the quality of our subconscious mind. At this point in human development, we know that the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful in determining the quality of our life.

We attend seminars and read self help books or listen to our favorite podcasts about positive thinking but it can be difficult to apply the teachings we are absorbing. Some people get addicted to consuming the content but have very few results to show for in their lives. Listening to positive content can overwrite portions of negative programming in your subconscious mind but in order to experience substantial changes in results, we must take massive action. These 3 areas of our life are some of the most influential on our results. When we change the fuel that’s going into our system through these funnels, we begin to create change. The majority of our actions are controlled or severely influenced by 1.) The music you listen to 2.) The content you consume & 3.) The people you surround yourself with.

1.         The Music you listen to

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a.          Lyrics to our favorite songs can be engraved in our memory for a lifetime. These mental programs from songs can have incredible effects or detrimental habits can be created. Words being repeated over and over and over again create a record in our mind. Imagine a physical record that plays a sound when the needle touches it. The grooves in the record hold the data that when played at a certain speed unlocks the song. The same happens within our mind. When we are in the right circumstances, when the timing is right, our internal paradigm begins to control our actions. If the music we listen to encourages aggression or peace or explicit viewpoints, those characteristics are unleashed in our personal experience. Most of the negativity going on inside our mind isn’t us; in fact none of it is us. We are not born violent. People become violent as they grow older. Since each generation is looking to do something different than the one before, many of our current generations are listening to pretty violent or sexually explicit music. This shouldn’t be a surprise. This also should be a tell tale sign of where we are going wrong. What are we doing to our kids that makes them want to disrespect themselves, their bodies, and their peers? What have we done wrong as a society that promotes this type of rebellious behavior? This isn’t a small crowd of people. We are talking about the majority of people.

b.         Cleansing our music consumption is a beautiful way to begin writing a new paradigm. Instead of consuming rock, hip-hop, country, or heavily violent or aggressive music, let’s begin to cleanse our musical pallet with meditation tracks, binaural beats, sound healing, classical music, soft EDM or electronic, and more contemporary choices that create calm vibrations. What we are discussing is scientific. The guess work is gone. We know that music operates at frequencies that our ears are picking up. Whales or Dolphins communicate solely through frequency. So too do humans. Music has so many subconscious messages behind the frequencies in which they operate. Either your music is opening you up for growth, or exposing you to elements that go against your natural state that you arrived on this planet in. Be cautious of the music you consume and find playlists that harmonize with the way in which you want to see the world. Do you want to attract peace, love & positivity? Are you listening to peace, love & positivity every day?

2.         The content you consume.

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a.          As we discussed with Instagram, the content we consume is arguably the most influential force of our time. Human development is made or broken with the content we are creating and consuming. If we choose to create ignorant messages, yes they may be loved by millions who resonate with them, but all we do is perpetuate more ignorance in the world. There are many opportunities to perpetuate more violence and hate. The audience is there and they are willing to pay! People love consuming content that makes them feel safe in their current views. Rarely do we consciously go out of our way to consume content that challenges the way we view the world. If we really understood human development, we would seek this discomfort every day. One of my favorite places to consume content online is Yes Theory. They do an incredible job of encouraging people to seek discomfort and live a life challenging their comfort zone. Growth is only possible on the other side of your comfort zone.

b.         The best way to get back on the right path is to do an honest audit of your time on social apps or television that you consume. How many hours do you spend daily on social media? We can find this information in our settings on our phone. How many hours a week do I spend watching Netflix or HBO? Are these shows pushing me to learn more or are they strictly entertainment? Entertainment isn’t a bad thing but you should be wary of the effects it has on our minds. Entertaining content can help us unwind and relax but if we end up binge watching 10 seasons of a show and forget about our goals completely, we have a problem. Keeping our entertainment consumption low is a great way to raise the time of educational content. The best content incorporates a bit of both. You can learn something beautiful all while enjoying a laugh along the way. The most successful people in our world limit the time they consume entertainment. Instead, they prioritize studying and learning new skills or information that increases their awareness.

3.         The people we surround ourselves with.

a.          If you really want to know where you are at in life, look at the people in your circle. You typically are the average of your 5 best friends. Who are those people you consider to be your best friends? Do they mirror the qualities you want to live? The ideal goal to work towards is an environment completely free from any negativity or doubt. The people around you should lift you up and inspire you to pursue your dreams. Toxic people make you feel insecure. They doubt your dreams and when you share a win, they might cheer you on from the outside, but inside they feel an entirely different way. This is by far the trickiest principle to apply because most people hide what they really want to say deep down. They say one thing to your face and spew out a whole different story behind your back. You have to become a ninja that detects any BS in your inner circle. You have to be comfortable with confronting problems if you want to thrive with your team.

b.         Start listening more to find out the truth about your peers. Are they always talking about themselves? Are they requiring favors from you with little in return? More importantly, listen to yourself. Do you doubt your friends? Do you send them love when they fail? Do you talk bad about them behind their backs? The quickest way to enhancing your inner circle is to become the person you wish to attract. As soon as you make the personal changes which begin with the content you consume & the music you listen to, your environment and friend group will be exposed. You will finally see what you have been soaking in all along. Some will want to rise up with you, but others will want to pull you back down. People don’t want to see one of their friends leave. Either they will set sail with you or plan to sabotage your escape. If you can increase your awareness and live the life of the person you want to attract, you are on a clear path to success.

These principals are created based off of thousands of interactions with friends, families, and studying successful people. The most powerful and successful people in the world hang out with other powerful and successful people. The happiest people in the world surround themselves by other incredible happy people. The healthiest people in the world surround themselves with other healthy people. This isn’t rocket science. These principals are very well known but so few people apply them. Of course they are scary! Changing our life path can be a very scary or very exciting thing. Either we are so sick of our results that we are determined to change, or we are scared about where we are headed. Change comes from inspiration or desperation; nonetheless, change comes. Are you going to take the reigns and be the boss of your existence or are your going to wait until it’s absolutely necessary to change? The truth is there is only one option. If we wait too long, it can be too late. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is today. At some point you have to make the decision to reach higher in life. Go for your maximum potential. It’s never too late to the mind who is at peace. Peace can only thrive when we eliminate the negativity in our music, content, and inner circle.  

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