What is VYBE?
Visualize Yourself Better Everyday
Through film and social media marketing, we bring mindful
ideas, campaigns, films, and brands to the world.
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Our projects and collaborative projects
Meet the Vybe Team
Spencer Taylor
Usually found behind the camera, Co-Owner Spencer Taylor directs all film productions and media projects for Vybe Source.
Shawn Fontaine
Behind Social media marketing campaigns and advertising, Co-Owner Shawn Fontaine manages business to business relationships and marketing strategies for project collaborations.
Ankur Patel
Director of Facebook Advertising to Product research and development, Ankur Patel, is very hand on the day to day operations side of Vybe Source.
Anton Wisbiski
The creative mind behind the branding and marketing video production side of Vybe Source, Anton Wisbiski, leads our projects and campaigns with the his expertise
in branding.
For information on collaborations or other inquires, email Support@vybesource.com
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